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Millennium Carpentry Services is committed to promoting a sustainable building industry through the following actions:


Protection of the biosphere: reduce and make continual progress toward eliminating the release of any substance that causes damage to the environment and human health.


Sustainable use of natural resource: make use of renewable natural resources and conserve them through

efficient use and careful planning.


Reduction and disposal of wastes: eliminate, or at least reduce waste through reduction and recycling.


Energy conservation: conserve energy and improve efficiency in all operations and make use of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy resources.


Risk reduction: strive to minimise the environmental, health and safety risks to people and communities through safe technologies, facilities, and operating procedures.


Safe products and services: reduce, and where possible, eliminate the use, manufacture, or sale of products that cause environmental damage or present a health and safety hazard. Employees and customers will be informed of products' environmental, health and safety impacts.


Environmental restoration: promptly and responsibly correct conditions that endanger the environment, health, and



Greenstar® Rated Buildings

Millennium has worked on several Greenstar® rated buildings, which have specific requirements including the use of, recycled, renewable and PEFC® / FSC certified timbers®


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